CNG Dispensers (Compressed Natural Gas Dispensers)

FTI retail dispensers are supplied with the Dispenser Control Unit, a self-contained temperature/pressure compensated computer based fuel control system. This system offers significantly improved flow rates, the better filing of vehicles. FTI has found in field testing that FTI dispensers equipped with this DCU module filled vehicles up to 40% faster and put 30% more CNG into the vehicles, all within ISO standards for fueling CNG vehicles.

The DCU also acts as a self-contained controller for inlet sequencing valves. This allows the dispenser to optimize storage utilization. The system can be programmed to suit individual site conditions.

CNG dispensers by FTI currently fuel over 140,000 vehicles per day in Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa, and the Middle East. Using this proven technology, FTI has evolved its dispenser design from the Classic natural gas dispenser to today’s Affinity design. The Affinity CNG dispenser combines a futuristic exterior with the latest in fueling technology, to meet and exceed the fueling requirements of modern commercial CNG fueling stations. Our compressed natural gas dispensers are designed and built to:

  • Operate continuously at peak capacity
  • Maintain the highest levels of safety and regulatory compliance
  • Provide maximum performance at a cost-effective price

Dispenser Specifications

Dispensers with internal sequencing, electronic control of sequencing valves, and dispenser control system to control filling operation.  Dispensers can be configured to indicate sales in Kg.

General Dispenser Specifications:

  • Maximum Working Pressure: 5000 PSI
  • Filling Pressure: 3000 PSI / 3600 PSI
  • Flow meter Max. flow rate:   100 Kg/Min (45 GGE/Min)
  • Nominal Dispenser Flow Rate: Car Side: 25 Kg/Min (12 GGE/Min), Bus Side: 75 Kg/Min (35 GGE/Min.)
  • Area Classification: Class I, Div 1, Group D as per NEC
  • Electrical Requirements: 120V x 60 Hz x 3A
  • Weight: 275 Kg approx.
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20° C To + 60° C
  • Weights & Measure Approval: State of California, US
  • Applicable Codes & Standards: All models meet the requirements of the following standards:

                   ASME B31.3, Process Piping

  • Dispenser Dimensions: 34” W x 22” D x 92” H. Base opening 15.5” X 26”, with provision for 4 dispenser anchors

Dispenser Control Unit (DCU):

Microprocessor based computer with LED backlight, liquid crystal three-row displays for total sale, volume dispensed and price per unit.

The proprietary DCU is programmed to do temperature compensated fill. 


FTI provides a wide range of CNG dispenser configurations and options for natural gas vehicle fueling at the retail, fleet (high-capacity), and mass transit (ultra-high-capacity) levels.

  • Additional electrical totalizer meets local authority custody transfer application requirement
  • Emergency shut-off  button – shuts down the electrical system and flow of gas through the hoses
  • Keypad provides customer with ID entry
  • Modbus communication protocol provides SCADA system interface
  • Card reader / receipt printer support
  • Preset Module

Contact FTI to discuss your requirements for CNG dispensers, and for all compressed natural gas vehicle fueling products and components.