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FTI - CNG Fueling Technology Leader

CNG fueling technology by FTI is currently meeting the clean vehicle fueling needs of businesses and consumers in 20 countries. With state-of-the-art natural gas fueling station components at customer sites around the world, FTI is leading the industry in product innovation, quality engineering, and unsurpassed customer focus.

CNG Fueling Technology – Components

A CNG fueling station consists of numerous engineered components working together to compress, store, and dispense natural gas fuel. FTI provides:

  • FTI CNG Compressors – engineered to operate at low-vibration levels, these reciprocating natural gas bareshaft compressors are reliable and durable.
  • FTI CNG Dispensers -proven, reliable, and designed to meet your commercial CNG fueling needs.
  • FTI CNG Priority Panels - optimize and manage the flow of CNG from the compressor to storage banks using FTI’s priority panels.
  • Fuel Tank Identification - restricts fueling to those tanks that have been properly inspected and approved for future use.
  • FTI CNG Dryers - under construction

...and much more. Call us today to find out how we can provide you with state-of-the-art CNG fueling infrastructure technologies.

About CNG

CNG, or compressed natural gas, is a clean, efficient, plentiful and safe alternative fuel. And so plentiful that, in many parts of the world, CNG fueling infrastructure is beginning to rival that of traditional petroleum fuels. FTI's advanced CNG fueling technology is a critical part of that infrastructure.

FTI is also pioneering new markets, leveraging its innovative engineering tradition and ongoing research and development to meet the needs of emerging alternative vehicle fueling markets.

FTI – CNG Fueling Technology
Learn how FTI sets the standard in CNG fueling technology, with:
  • Innovation
  • Quality Certifications
  • Customer Focus
  • Engineering Design Excellence
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FTI – CNG Fueling Technology

FTI is proud to be the principal supplier of CNG fueling technology products to Knox Canada Inc. (KCI), world leader in turnkey CNG fueling stations.

KCI has supplied numerous implementations of FTI CNG fueling technology around the world.

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FTI – CNG Fueling Technology
FTI – CNG Fueling Technology